• Image of Vol. 6

BACK IN STOCK! Our 75-page annual of short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry and comics!

In Vol. 6: Alice Bishop wanders the streets of Hiroshima, Anthony Nocera explore the perils of sex after Indian food, Toby Fitch inverts Rimbaud, Chloe Higgins asks for another scoop.

Emma Marie Jones goes on a second date, Frances Cannon goes for a dip, Laura Elizabeth Woollett works hard for the money, C. N. Kiv tries to put a marriage back together.

A. A. Kostas balances two stars, Joseph Lynch is haunted by a World War I fighter pilot, Sophie Overett finds an impossible moment in a place she didn't expect, Francesca Ohlert swims with Italian seals and Harriet McKnight is swallowed by the dark heart of rural Australia.

With illustrations by Chris Gooch!